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Crossways CareWelcome to Crossways Care Ltd

We believe small is 'beautiful' we are a small company managed and owned by people who believe change is possible. Our ethos is to provide the best possible service, always reminding ourselves what the purpose of the task ahead is. The owners work alongside staff and young people with a view to always 'keeping a finger on the pulse' of this immensely challenging task!

We currently have eight homes, 4 are registered with OFSTED to accommodate 3 children in each home. One home has been specifically developed to support a child who needs to live on their own and 3 homes are registered to provide support for 2 young people.

The homes have been developed  in differing communities in order to meet the challenges of the young people who are placed with us:

We now have some new important pages. You can view them by clicking on the following links:

- The Lyatts House.

-The Blind Stile House.

-Information about Woodspring School.

Our first house is a terraced house in the centre of Wellington (Somerset) which gives the residents access to local community resources. 

We have one home in Monkton Heathfield set in a rural location and gives residents more outside space , and other outdoor facilities.   The staff team to carry out assessments that can be used to underpin future work.

Our house in Bawdrip (nr Bridgwater, Somerset) is a large detached house close to the local facilities of Bridgwater, yet far enough from our neighbours to give our children space to let of steam in the gardens

Our home in Almondsbury, South Gloucester, is on the outskirts of Bristol. Overleaze is a large detached house and is registered with Ofsted to accommodate 3 young people. Overleaze has the huge advantage of large open spaces for children and young people to get involved with a wide range of activities.

One of our new homes is near Shepton Mallet and provides a singleton placement for one child aged between 11 and 17 who needs time out in order that we can access their situation.

We are proud to announce that we have also opened Leigh Farm which can provide 3 placements for children and young people who need to be placed in a rural environment. The home is near to  Dulverton in Somerset

Our latest venture, is to support young people to gain independence skills. We have a small group of flats which offer bespoke support to young people who have already been let down by providers. We provide support completely tailor to the individuals need, offering a "Step up and Step down" service.

We have our own school 'Woodspring School' which has been specifically set up to offer a creative, responsive education package that is individually tailored

Philosophy and Values
Crossways Care

Our philosophy is:

  • That young people are the centre of everything we do
  • We advocate a culture of acceptance and unconditional positive regard for our young people
  • We believe that all young people, whatever their personal history, deserve to be supported and empowered to reach their potential
  • We believe in 'stickability'. Where other providers may give up, we persevere with the young person to succeed in delivering measurable outcomes

The majority of the young people in placement have consistently been deprived of the opportunity to be nurtured and live safely and securely within a family or community setting. We assist young people through the process of normal adolescent development giving them the opportunity to become 'thinking, feeling and socially acceptable' individuals.   The structured daily experience is integral to the holistic milieu of living in  our homes. This experience is supported through a culture of interest and inquiry, which promotes self-development and acknowledges personal vulnerability. Individual placements offer a 'space' where cognitive distortions, learned behavioural patterns and emotional distress are addressed. The opportunity to integrate and change offers young people clarity in their identity and the ability to adapt to the struggles of every day life.   The process of listening, understanding and making sense of historical experiences enables young people to make connections between their past and present experiences. Significant factors to successful placement outcome are security and the provision of a stable environment. During the initial stages of placement distress will often be acted out through behaviours and negative attitudes. It is likely that this struggle to find true identity will involve an escalation in disruptive behaviours prior to identifying radical improvement. Progress and change will take the time needed by each young person so that development becomes established in life long structure and patterns. The five outcomes linked to the Every Child Matter agenda are closely monitored in order to ensure children achieve their full potential promoting these outcomes for children is now integral to our work and is demonstrated in the records used by staff on a daily basis.  

 In addition we take account of the seven key outcomes identified by children at the Children’s Rights Conference 2005 that children should be able to:  

  1. Be happy
  2. Have enough food and drink 
  3. Stay in contact with family 
  4.  Have friends  
  5.  Have fun 
  6.  Experience love 
  7.  Receive respect  

Young people with physical disabilities may be considered but the layout of the building and the degree of disability may make the placement impracticable for the young person.  

It is our belief that children need an environment that is both compassionate and structured.  The fundamental right to feel valued as an individual is essential if a person is to value themselves and the people around them.  With rights comes responsibility and we believe that in order to gain an understanding of these principles, children need to have the opportunity to make mistakes and learn from the experience.

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